Promotional Events

We organize and execute memorable trade, press, and consumer events in America’s most influential wine markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas. We manage the logistics of client events, as well as their promotion.
Projects: Le Grand Cercle Des Vins de Bordeaux USA Tour, Veuve Ambal Battle of the Bubbles Press/Trade Lunches, Veuve Ambal eNVy Parties

Public Relations

We cover all aspects of public relations. From organizing press events to generating coverage in targeted publications, we influence consumer and media sentiment on behalf of clients.
Projects: Le Grand Cercle Des Vins de Bordeaux USA Tour, Veuve Ambal Battle of the Bubbles Press/Trade Lunches

Social Media Marketing

We build creative social content and monitor social media platforms. Our thoughtful approach allows us raise awareness for brands, grow fan communities, and increase fan involvement. We also publish email newsletters and notifications for our clients and develop custom Facebook applications to host innovative and interactive campaigns.
Projects: Veuve Ambal #BitterBubbles Campaign, WOSA Poetics, WOSA Pick South Africa, WOSA BBQ To Braai, Brasserie Ruhlmann Instagram Campaign

Online Advertising

We create Facebook ads and Twitter ads that are strategically designed to attract the consumers clients want to reach. Outside of the social sphere, we place banner ads and manage Google ad words campaigns to further expand brand awareness.
Projects: WOSA Poetics, WOSA BBQ To Braai

Website and Mobile App Creation

We work with in-house and freelance designers to develop and design customized, user-friendly, SEO optimized websites and mobile apps.
Projects: Canelé by Céline’s e-commerce website, Brasserie Ruhlmann’s social website

Content Creation

We shoot professional quality videos and photographs to increase brand personality in online communities. Our talented, experienced photographers work to capture the essence of client products, spokespeople, and events. The high-quality, entertaining videos that we create build awareness for brands and client events, as well as allow us to engage with users on video sharing platforms, such as Vimeo and Vine.
Projects: Brasserie Ruhlmann’s Vine Video, Le Grand Cercle Des Vins de Bordeaux USA Tour

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