WOSA Poetics

Exploring creativity with Art, Wine and Social Media

We began working with Wines of South Africa and had multiple goals in mind: increase their Facebook community and engagement, raise awareness for modern wine making in South Africa, and share their food and wine culture with the world.

We decided to host a three-month campaign called WOSA Poetics, which was a multiple-tiered effort with significant results. The basis of the campaign was to work with Seth Indigo Carnes, a New York based photographer, artist, and poet, who had created a customized app called Poetics. The app allowed him to upload photos and add short poems to the images. We decided to integrate a Facebook app, which mimicked his mobile app, to create a platform where our audience could create their own poems and share their work with friends for a chance to win two tickets to South Africa.

In order to gain content for the contest we sent Seth to South Africa for ten days. What he captured with his camera was amazing, and he further portrayed the South African wine industry in a majestic way by adding his short poems to the images.


The WOSA Facebook Poetics Campaign and Facebook ads generated 9,102,764 impressions, the Facebook community grew from 1,234 to 17,750 (+1,388%), 1,015 contest entries, and 205,000 unique users reached through posts.