Veuve Ambal #BitterBubbles Campaign

Our goals for this campaign were to gain exposure within the social media realm, help drive sales in the NYC market, and exemplify the diversity of Veuve Ambal. We partnered with Hella Bitter, a small batch bitters company based in Brooklyn, NY, and contacted influential cocktail bloggers who could create fun and exciting Veuve Ambal and Hella Bitter cocktails. After sending the bloggers sample products we then closely monitored social media, blog posts, and photos online, and we saw a significant increase in the amount of interaction that the brand was receiving. After one month we collected all of the recipes and chose one winner and two runners-up.

Each cocktail was fabulous, and they each served to showcase the sparkling wine as a product that could be used in any atmosphere: a relaxing night at home, a classy dinner party, or a night with the girls. See sample photos below.

Through this campaign we were able to increase the consumer list for those interested in Veuve Ambal, generate brand buzz online and in the press, and increase product awareness in the NYC area.

Following the #BitterBubbles contest we held a cocktail party called “eNVy” at The Trump SoHo, and the top three winning cocktails were served alongside glasses of Veuve Ambal. We also distributed printed postcards with the winning recipes for all of the guests to take home.


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