La Nuit En Rosé

The World's First Wine Tasting Event Specializing In Rosé Wines.

As a Creative Wine Marketing agency ABLE is constantly looking for ways to innovate within the wine industry, and we began taking an interest in Rosé wines because of their incredible diversity and blossoming popularity. The wine, set at a lower price point than most wines on the market, paired well with a wide range of foods and evoked the kind of stylish ambiance found on the beaches of luxury beachside resorts.
We began planning ways to showcase this wine in an experiential way—one that could evoke those feelings of sailing in the South of France: feeling the warm breeze on the skin, sipping chilled Rosé, and noshing on briny shellfish. Realizing that Rosé wine was not an emerging trend, but rather a movement that was here to stay, we decided to launch a yearly Rosé festival, aptly named “La Nuit en Rosé,” or, “The Pink Night.” This would be the chance for thousands of consumers, trade, and press members to descend upon a yacht—because where else to better enjoy Rosé—and sample the gorgeous offerings from wineries located all around the world.

We were faced with an interesting series of challenges, namely, the outreach to International wineries that hadn’t heard of a rosé tasting of this magnitude. But because of our extensive research, we were armed with customer data and demographics, and as an industry leader in wine marketing, we were able to guarantee significant exposure to wine press, trade, and consumers alike. The Rosé festival began to take shape.

We also partnered with industry influencers such as Yelp, Vin Sur Vingt, Zachys, Uber, Evian, Badoit, Food Republic, and Riedel—and our PR outreach included contacting Food and Wine press, speaking with lifestyle outlets, and many sample mailings. We wanted Nuit Rosé to become a brand in itself, something that would benefit all parties involved.


On June 13th and 14th, La Nuit en Rosé finally became a realizable experience. With over 60 International wineries participating, over 85 wines to be sampled, numerous food booths from local vendors, DJs, and fun activities such as a photo booth, our ambition to create the ultimate Rosé wine event was met. But this is more than just a tasting.

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